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    • What should be the topic of our next webinar?
      The purpose of the VCAP webinars are to:
      • Share expertise and best practices among stakeholders involved in the access and introduction of vector control tools in Asia Pacific
      • Identify opportunities to streamline and harmonize regulatory processes included the joint review of vector control products.
      The proposed topics of our upcoming webinars are as follows:
      • Summary of remaining regulatory and policy challenges to vector control
      • Presenting proposed strategies of the VCAP platform to improve timely access
      • The toolbox of VC products that are relevant to address insecticide resistance in Asia Pacific
      • The toolbox of VC products that are relevant to address outdoor biting among forest goers in Asia Pacific
      • Regulatory best practices to speed up access to VC products through collaborative mechanisms, reliance mechanisms with stringent regulatory bodies, and others
      • Best practices from countries in Asia Pacific on the end to end introduction of VC tools
      What other topics would be of interest to you? Please comment below!
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    • 2 years, 9 months ago